The Mainstage

Capital Jazzfest Big Jazz Jam Fundraiser 2016

28 Jul

Thursday, July 28th

Molly Healey & Rose Ridge

29 Jul

Friday, July 29th

The Bel Airs

30 Jul

Saturday, July 30th

Rose Ridge & Madora {All Night Happy Hour!!}

2 Aug

Tuesday, August 2nd

Mission Quest – Keeping local music LIVE! Featuring S.S. Webb

3 Aug

Wednesday, August 3rd

The Kay Brothers {First Thursday}

4 Aug

Thursday, August 4th

NORM RUEBLING BAND [blues, r&b, classic rock, big band, jazz & soul]

5 Aug

Friday, August 5th

Madora, The Dead Roots and Degrave

6 Aug

Saturday, August 6th

Rose Ridge & Scott Gehlert {All Night Happy Hour!!}

9 Aug

Tuesday, August 9th

Open Mic Night hosted by Quinten Rice

10 Aug

Wednesday, August 10th

The Drifter Kings {debut} @ The Mission

11 Aug

Thursday, August 11th

Jessy Johnsen

12 Aug

Friday, August 12th

The Fried Crawdaddies

13 Aug

Saturday, August 13th

Paul Laemmli & Rose Ridge {All Night Happy Hour!}

16 Aug

Tuesday, August 16th

OPEN Blues & Country Jam – Hosted by The Usual Suspects {New Day/New Time}

17 Aug

Wednesday, August 17th

Rhythm & Soul Show {featuring} Robin Nicole, Regina Louise and Sean Coray

19 Aug

Friday, August 19th

The B Sharps {debut} @ The Mission!

20 Aug

Saturday, August 20th

Adam Hunt & Rose Ridge {All Night Happy Hour!}

23 Aug

Tuesday, August 23rd

Open Mic Night hosted by Quinten Rice

24 Aug

Wednesday, August 24th


26 Aug

Friday, August 26th


27 Aug

Saturday, August 27th

Mission Quest – Keeping local music LIVE!

31 Aug

Wednesday, August 31st

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