The Mainstage


26 May

Thursday, May 26th


27 May

Friday, May 27th

CLOSED – Saturday of Memorial Weekend

28 May

Saturday, May 28th

URBAN PIONEERS & Rose Ridge {All Night Happy Hour}

31 May

Tuesday, May 31st

Open Mic Night hosted by Quinten Rice

1 Jun

Wednesday, June 1st

The Kay Brothers – {First THURS}!

2 Jun

Thursday, June 2nd

Don’t Mind Dying & John Galbraith and His Grievances

3 Jun

Friday, June 3rd

Dave & Dyno and The Roadkill Orchestra w/Rose Ridge

4 Jun

Saturday, June 4th

Rose Ridge & Scott Gehlert {All Night Happy Hour}!

7 Jun

Tuesday, June 7th

Mission Quest – Keeping local music LIVE!

8 Jun

Wednesday, June 8th

Jessy Johnsen & Friends with special guest Ryan Gee & The Good Time

9 Jun

Thursday, June 9th

Richard Parker & Almost Taken

10 Jun

Friday, June 10th

The Fried Crawdaddies {Second SATURDAY}

11 Jun

Saturday, June 11th

Rose Ridge & James Webb and Erin Cain (Madora) – All Night Happy Hour!!

14 Jun

Tuesday, June 14th

Open Mic Night hosted by Quinten Rice

15 Jun

Wednesday, June 15th

Scotch Hollow {debut} @ The Mission

16 Jun

Thursday, June 16th

The Fattenin’ Frogs {debut} @ The Mission

18 Jun

Saturday, June 18th

Stevie Tombstone returns to The Mission!

22 Jun

Wednesday, June 22nd

The Bourbon Breakfast Club {1 Year Anniversary} with James Webb & Erin Cain {Madora}

23 Jun

Thursday, June 23rd

Grand Villanova & Mercury Trio

24 Jun

Friday, June 24th


25 Jun

Saturday, June 25th

Open Mic Night hosted by Quinten Rice

29 Jun

Wednesday, June 29th

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