The Mainstage

4 Skeevy Dudes

8 Dec

Thursday, December 8th

SAMANTHA FISH returns to The Mission!!! {special guest Paul Laemmli}

9 Dec

Friday, December 9th

The Fried Crawdaddies

10 Dec

Saturday, December 10th

Rose Ridge & Jenny Neff {All Night Happy Hour} w/LIVE ART

13 Dec

Tuesday, December 13th

Open Mic Night hosted by Quinten Rice

14 Dec

Wednesday, December 14th

Shea & Shorty and Rose Ridge

15 Dec

Thursday, December 15th


16 Dec

Friday, December 16th

Dave & Dyno and The Roadkill Orchestra w/Rose Ridge

17 Dec

Saturday, December 17th

Adam Hunt & Rose Ridge {All Night Happy Hour!}

20 Dec

Tuesday, December 20th

Mission Quest – Keeping Local music LIVE!

21 Dec

Wednesday, December 21st

Mission Quest – Keeping Local Music LIVE!

21 Dec

Wednesday, December 21st

Sticky Icky & Rose Ridge celebrating Jenny’s Birthday!!

22 Dec

Thursday, December 22nd

Capital Jazzfest Jam @ The Mission

27 Dec

Tuesday, December 27th

Open Mic Night hosted by Quinten Rice

28 Dec

Wednesday, December 28th

Down Side Up

30 Dec

Friday, December 30th

NEW YEAR’S EVE – Burnin’ Down The House 80’s Party @ The Mission!

31 Dec

Saturday, December 31st

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