The Mainstage

Open Mic Night hosted by Quinten Rice

26 Nov

Wednesday, November 26th

Thanksgiving – Closed

27 Nov

Thursday, November 27th

Man in the Ring with Rose Ridge

28 Nov

Friday, November 28th


29 Nov

Saturday, November 29th

Rose Ridge, James Webb & Friends [All Night Happy Hour]

2 Dec

Tuesday, December 2nd

Mission Quest

3 Dec

Wednesday, December 3rd

The Kay Brothers [first Thursdays at The Mission!]

4 Dec

Thursday, December 4th

Madora & Steel Tinman

5 Dec

Friday, December 5th

Open Mic Night hosted by Quinten Rice

10 Dec

Wednesday, December 10th

Open Blues/Country Jam

11 Dec

Thursday, December 11th


12 Dec

Friday, December 12th

Shea & Silverstreak

13 Dec

Saturday, December 13th

Mission Quest

17 Dec

Wednesday, December 17th

Made In Waves & Four Skeevy Dudes

19 Dec

Friday, December 19th

Dead Bed Bad

20 Dec

Saturday, December 20th

Christmas Eve – Closed

24 Dec

Wednesday, December 24th

Christmas – Closed

25 Dec

Thursday, December 25th

New Year’s Eve 2014 @ The Mission with DISENGAGED!!

31 Dec

Wednesday, December 31st

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