Friday, March 15th

15 Mar

The embryo of SPECTRAVOX was born in 2007 when neighbors Bo and Jeff began to work on songs together. Sam auditioned and came on board to sing. Initially, there were problems at the drum position. They were solved when Charley came to play! Thus the core of SPECTRAVOX came to be. Our first CD was recorded in 2009 after gigging the songs to perfection. Full of energy and twisted lyrics, SPECTRAVOX keeps you moving and grinning. Later in 2009, the SPECTRAFOXES, Emily and Sherry were added, bringing a new element to our rock/pop/punk sound. We have just finished our second CD “Feel it. Trust it.” and should have them soon. The ladies have added sweetness, sass and certainly sex appeal to the band. Not ones to rest, we are currently working on more new songs.