Gypsy Lumberjacks

Saturday, March 16th

16 Mar

“The first thing that one notices about Gypsy Lumberjacks is their unkempt and vulgar nature. Profanity and general hysteria fill the room. The stage is completely re-constructed in a culled-together, hobgoblin menagerie. Stools sit in a triangular shape in front of the band. The show begins and the studio is filled with a very polished and whimsical sound. From what was a seeming catastrophe in the making comes one of the best sounds of the season.” These were the words written by Conrad Magalis of the University Chronicle after experiencing his first taste of the Gypsy Lumberjacks.

Known for never performing with a setlist, Gypsy Lumberjacks prefer to rely on each other’s leads and changes. This isn’t to say that the songs fall into a set pattern. The Lumberjacks rarely play a song the exact same way twice or in the same order. Even after touring relentlessly for nearly four years now, the older songs are still evolving and finding new life any given night they are performed. Not to mention that new songs are consistently being introduced into the repertoire (which now boasts nearly four hours of original music and countless covers). With a sound consisting of a mix of World Beat, Flamenco, Caribbean, Gypsy Jazz, and Bluegrass, there is something there for everyone to latch on to.