Insomniac Folklore and Dead Bed Bad

Friday, March 22nd

22 Mar

Insomniac Folklore and Dead Bed Bad 3 2013


The members of Insomniac Folklore are a band of lovable hooligans that would probably be considered offensive, if only they weren’t so darned cute.

The band hail from many parts of the country and when everyone is present, create a vibrant whirlwind of musical tones using drums, accordion, violin, tambourine, guitar, bass, intense vocals, and occasionally ironing board. Their music, to which they lovingly refer as “Tantrum Folk” has been described as a combination of 1960s folk-rock, 70s punk, indie-rock and vaudeville. In the vernacular, this translates to a heartfelt and theatrical stomp-along dance party which may very well leave you in tears.

Contrary to popular belief, the members of Insomniac Folklore have never committed arson or incited any people to riot. If you invite them to your town, they promise to be on their very best behavior, really and truly, especially if you provide them with food.


““Self-described as ‘tantrum folk,’ these musicians from Portland create a delightful cacophony of acoustic guitars and accordions, sounding sort of like a local version of mewithoutYou playing in your basement. As this indie folk party effortlessly dances through songs that are seriously satirical, songs that are outrageously silly, and songs that may be doing both things at once (see ‘Kill A Baby, Save A Tree’), you almost wonder if someone like Reese Roper is involved. But this is mostly the brainchild of Tyler Hentschel, whose fascinatingly deep bass vocals wander the somber minor chords with a resonating reverence. Ultimately, though, this is just a group of friends who want to drive to your town, see some good shows, and jump around.””
— Absolute Punk

Hello everyone. We are DEAD BED BAD. We are a group of musicians/artists lumbering along in Middle-America where everything is only as it seems on Television. Our intention is to bring you music that you can identify with and enjoy whenever and wherever you please. We’ve begun to record our first full length album entitled FIRE & WATER. On our facebook page and our blog (zeros and ones) we’ll be releasing various tidbits revolving around the recording of the album.
In the band and on the album are: Jack Gue (voice/guitar), Lexi Schmidt (cello/voice/keys), Craig Wingate (drums/percussion), Brent Maness (acoustic gtr). Adam Voight (bass). Other friends of the band will frequent the album and live shows including Casey Maddox (artist/tattooer/singer/songwriter) and Gary Spencer (drummer/songwriter/artist) and more.
On this site you can expect to find mention of upcoming shows/tour dates, photos from various things, videos from various things, news blips, and artwork brought to you by Casey Maddox (album artwork coming soon). Also, various photographers, with whom We’ve become acquainted and enjoy their work, will be showcased on this site.
The recording of DIVE is taking place at The Meth Lab in the middle of nowhere, Missouri. Yes, litterally out in the sticks. Jack is engineering and producing. Mixing will be handled by a variety of talents in that field and we’ve yet to decide on a mastering guru.

“DEAD BED BAD is a little shocked by the rapid notoriety they’ve received in such a short amount of time in Mid Missouri. By their third show, Dead Bad Bad played their brand of contemporary indie meets vintage rock n roll to a standing room only crowd in Columbia Missouri’s legendary club, Mojo’s.

Jack Gue began writing songs in a cabin in West Virginia in December 2011. Upon returning to Missouri in January 2012 he presented the demo’s to former Shamans Harvest drummer, Craig Wingate, who immediately took an interest in the project. Over the spring and summer months, band members began to trickle in including Lexi Schmidt (keys, cello, background vocals), Brent Maness (guitar) and Adam Voight (bass).

As enthusiastic as they were to be recording and playing their quirky brand of rock n roll, the band never anticipated the enthusiasm which critics and fans alike found for their music.

“Throw them all into the studio together, hit play and let them do what they do best. You can hear that Dead Bed Bad isn’t a parody act and they are fans of the music they play. They have studied the southern delta blues and perfected it, studied jazz and mastered the elements of these , rolled them together and created a truly unique soundscape.”

–Mathew Buchanan, I Know Stuff About Music

“I saw these guys at Mojo’s Friday night and they were AWESOME!”

–Shags, The Morning Shag KCMQ 96.7