Don’t Mind Dying AND The Many Colored Death

Saturday, March 23rd

23 Mar

DMD & The Many Colored Death 3 2013


Born in 08′, DMD has performed in Columbia Missouri (and some surrounding towns) and has built a following by word of mouth. In 2012 they were asked to perform @ the Roots n Blues festival so they made a 4 song cd…now they feel like they have to make a “real” album with all original tunes….and they got the line-up now to do it….2013 is going to be awesome…

BC, Graham Greer, Rudy Brynac, Brian Kent, and Jason Caton


The Many Colored Death is a hard rock trio based out of Columbia, Missouri. With influences ranging from Sabbath and King’s X to Muse and RATM, they’ve forged a sound uniquely theirs, while not wholly unfamiliar. Described by one fan as “a silky mixture of 70’s rock and early 90’s grunge”, The MCD are driven by a desire to make real, honest rock music for real rock music fans. Featuring a thundering rhythm section that would make Bonham and John Paul Jones proud, and a guitarist/vocalist who is equal parts Robin Trower, King Buzzo, and David Gilmour, their brand of rock is both quiet and loud, dark and light. A veritable yin yang of sound and emotion. Soulful lyrics and melodies float effortlessly over the pounding surf of complex polyrhythms and groove laden riffs.

To paraphrase Jimi Hendrix, we don’t play loud so you can hear the music.

We play loud so you can feel it.

Brent Moore – Guitar/Vocals
Preston Rodgers – Bass
Shea Spence – Drums