The Kay Brothers

Thursday, April 4th

4 Apr

~ Bonafide Hillbillyin’ n’ Hootin’ n’ Hollerin’ Missouri Stompgrass and What Not ~

The spirit of Missouri ‘Stompgrass’ lives on in this brand spankin’ new quartet, The Kay Brothers. Though the group was born last spring, the members are certainly no strangers to the Midwest music scene. Hailing from such bands as The Hipnecks, The Hatrick, Mary & the Giant, and even a metal band – Ghost in the Machine – the players have been burning barns down since they were knee-high’s and can chug moonshine without shedding a single tear. Armed with Upright Bass, Fiddle, Guitar, Harmonicas, bass drum, washboard, and sibling harmonies, they make a lot of noise… if you ride on the jangle-stomp time machine, be careful not to crack a heel.

Members: Pat Kay – Bryan Kay – Michael Schembre – Lauren Douglas

Sounds Like: The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, Split Lip Rayfield, The Ben Miller Band, The HipNecks, The Hatrick