Todd Day Waits Pigpen with special guests Jessy Johnsen & Brian Nash

Friday, September 27th

27 Sep

Todd Day Waits Pigpen

Since 2009, Todd Day Wait has been touring the United States in his vegetable oil-powered airport shuttle bus, picking up musicians wherever they can be found. During this time Wait has written and recorded a host of original songs and developed an original style that blends aspects of blues, folk, country, early R n B and soul.

This Midwestern boy has been known to make a ruckus. Todd Day Wait’s Pigpen offers fine acoustic music, the kind loved by people of all ages and backgrounds. Is it blues, bluegrass, country, folk? Pigpen’s music harkens to the roots, to an era where all three of those genres fit together just right, before there was a difference. These boys have been known to conjure up crisp boogies and out-of-control barn-burners as wild as a late night hayride. To contrast to their upbeat tunes, they’ve got songs as lonesome as kicking down a dusty gravel road in the middle of nowhere with a guitar slung over your shoulder and a pocket full of nothing.

The Pigpen can project through crowded rooms, playing in near-perfect balance while resting pleasant on the ears. Amplified, they entertain crowds on stages all across America.

The group’s leader, Missouri-born songster Todd Day Wait, is a seasoned roadman whose homespun and heartfelt original tunes are the focus of the project. Wait’s honest and approachable style is augmented by his choice of accompanists.
Todd Day Waits

Providing the rhythm is the radiant Matt Dethrow, the almost mechanically accurate upright bass player with an everlasting smile and air of enthusiasm.
todd day waits rythm

Holding down the fiddle and harmonies is Mr. George Aschmann. Hailing from the Shenandoah River Valley in Virginia he brings home the authentic Pigpen sound.
Todd day waits george

Jessy Johnsen and Brian Nash of Molly Dog will be opening the evening, so join us for a spectacular evening that promises to please!