Buried, Degrave AND Madora @ The Mission

Friday, June 2nd

2 Jun



“We’re a power trio from Columbia, MO. We dig HEAVY rock along the lines of Sabbath, Kyuss, Karma to Burn, Orange Goblin, Church of Misery, Serpent Throne, Elder, Rage Against the Machine, The Sword, Sleep. We’re looking to lay down a SONIC ATTACK for anyone interested and will play anytime/anywhere given the proper conditions:) We’re very reliable AND respectful. We work hard to bring a unique sound and hope you enjoy it as much as we do playing it! So…..check us out, pump your fist, throw up double peace signs, be cool to each other and have a BLAST! \m/”

degrave 2017


DEGRAVE – Facebook
Dylan Volmert
Clyde Daniels
Jordan Roedel
Jeff Kearney

Degrave is a thrash metal band based out of Jefferson City, Missouri.


Madora on FACEBOOK

Madora is a rock band from Central MO. Madora is quickly on their way to establishing themselves as a viable force in the rock scene of Mid-MO. With thier roots deeply imbedded into early 90’s alternative rock, hard rock, & punk, they surely have a little something for everybody. Their ultimate goal is to take their music national and reach as many people as possible with their music. Madora wants every single person that comes to a venue to watch them to leave wanting more.

Madora James guitar face