Degrave, Straight Razor Smile & Buried LIVE at The Mission

Friday, November 17th

17 Nov



“We’re a power trio from Columbia, MO. We dig HEAVY rock along the lines of Sabbath, Kyuss, Karma to Burn, Orange Goblin, Church of Misery, Serpent Throne, Elder, Rage Against the Machine, The Sword, Sleep. We’re looking to lay down a SONIC ATTACK for anyone interested and will play anytime/anywhere given the proper conditions:) We’re very reliable AND respectful. We work hard to bring a unique sound and hope you enjoy it as much as we do playing it! So…..check us out, pump your fist, throw up double peace signs, be cool to each other and have a BLAST! \m/”

degrave 2017


DEGRAVE – Facebook
Dylan Volmert
Clyde Daniels
Jordan Roedel
Jeff Kearney

Degrave is a thrash metal band based out of Jefferson City, Missouri.



Created in 2013 in Jefferson City, Mo. The group is a collaboration of local favorites. Back in 1996 Dustin met Crumpy. Crumpy was the founding member of the band Tinnitus. Through this the two became friends and played several times over the years. Dustin also went on to form several successful local bands including “Havoc” and others. Dustin has become one of the best and most well respected guitar players on the scene. It was not until almost 17 years later before they finally found the right moment in their music careers to form a project together. With their level of experience the two started writing music monstrously fast and “Straight Razor Smile” was born! Soon was the addition of Weasle! The long time guitar player for Havoc and many other local projects on his bass. He has played on and off with Dustin for over a decade. His quick timing and complex bass lines rounding out the mix and the band was ready to progress. Named for the bands love of Horror/Thriller flix and one of Crumpys favorite Batman references. “Straight Razor Smile” not only focuses on their music but their live stage persona and presence as well. The music is quite simple really…..if it sounds catchy we play it, Metal, Punk, whatever. We don’t stay in the box, we just want to play whatever is fun and whatever we like. If you are in the mood, then prepare yourself. Straight razor smiles for all!!!!!!!!!!