Daniel Keel & Jessy Johnsen {All Night Happy Hour!!}

Tuesday, November 21st

21 Nov


“I was born in North Carolina, but I’m an army brat, so did my share of moving around. I currently reside in Columbia, MO. I started learning guitar about 20 yrs. ago and have been playing on and off ever since; I’m 36 now. Musically, I’m inspired by the blues, rock & roll, americana, folk, country, bluegrass, and what many people affectionately refer to as “jamband” music. I played in a couple of local bands about 10 yrs. ago while living in the mountains, near Vail, CO. Recently, I’ve been playing as a solo musician, loving the open mic and blues jam scenes, especially at The Mission! One of the best around!”


Jessy brings energy, humor and rockin’ talent to the stage every time she performs. A beautiful singer/songwriter who adds her special twist to covers. Jessy always sends you out the door happy that you joined them for the evening.