Richard Parker & Seconds ‘Til Sunrise

Saturday, December 16th

16 Dec



Stop The World is the band’s newest independent single. It is set to release in the Fall of 2017. It explores how far an individual or couple will go to save their relationship when it’s on the brink of completely falling apart. The lyrics in the bridge sum it all up…”This world can wait. We’ll take our time. Yeah, it’s ok. We’ll Stop The World.” It conveys the idea that nothing is more important than their relationship and they are willing to put everything on hold to make it right. In a review of the single, entertainment columnist Aarik Danielsen with the Columbia Daily Tribune wrote…”Where the band distinguishes itself, at least on this track, is in Kyle Bellinger’s vocals and Dylan Lorenz’s drumming. Bellinger has a voice tailor-made for classic-rock radio; he sounds like he could be leading a serious rock outfit today, or in 1977. The howl he unleashes about halfway through the song will “stop” you in your tracks. In the song’s verses, and the turnarounds between them, Lorenz helps create a groove that prevents the song from descending into mere meat-and-potatoes territory; rather it adds some spring and life that keeps things sounding vital.”

Originally formed in 2013, Bass player Shawn Ettleman and guitarist Jonathan Martin decided to form an original band. The two had worked together for over a year in the cover band Downfall. When Dylan Lorenz (Drums) replaced Downfall’s former drummer and showed interest in the music Shawn and Jonathan were writing, the group started to take shape. They spent months writing and crafting the new songs while searching for other musicians and a vocalist. After jamming with many talented people they brought in Kyle Bellinger (vocals) and Casey Morgan (guitars/vocals). Over the years the band paid their dues by performing as an opener to well-known local acts, such as The Many Colored Death, and Cost of Desire. After winning the grand prize in a battle of the bands competition, Richard Parker opened for the Grammy-nominated band SALIVA in 2015. Since then, Richard Parker has worked hard to keep the momentum going to widen their fanbase and raise the bar on the quality of their music. Stop The World is set to launch the band into professional grade marketing and higher profile events and venues.

Kyle Bellinger- Lead Vocals
Shawn Ettleman- Bass
Dylan Lorenz- Drums/ Percussion
Jonathan Martin- Guitars/ Vocals
Casey Morgan-Guitars/Vocals


We are a trio founded in the middle of Missouri who love to write and perform original material. Give us a like on facebook and feel free to message us with any booking questions. LIVE. LOVE. LAUGH. loud

Band Members
London T. Acree (Percussion), Bradley L. Perry (Guitar), Webb A. Sobolik (Vocals, Bass)