Old Town is getting a facelift…

The Mission is a live music venue for a variety of genres. From bluegrass to hard rock, we are confident you will find quality entertainment for your taste.

Walk through the front door and you will find an explosion of things to discover. The brick walls, stamped ceiling and pine wood floors take us back to the late 1800’s when the building was brought to life. The walls are covered with concert posters to enhance your walk through memory lane or maybe turn you on to some new bands. Stroll through to the backstage lounge and discover a more retro décor and comfy modern furniture. It’s as if you’ve walked through a century from front door to back!

The Mission provides a friendly and experienced staff ensuring an evening of quality entertainment and service. With plenty of seating, quality service and awesome music, how can you go wrong?

Come check it out!

– Jenny

Click here to view a slideshow of the Mission construction!

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